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In the business world, the professional reputation and rise of economic value is related to how much you have global awareness and strong connections.

Sayareh Co. LTD. has proven its strength in many markets around the world. It is a multi-generational family company that offers innovative and value-based solutions in today’s dynamic environment.
With its forty years of commercial background, Sayareh Co. LTD. is using its gained credibility and experience in the field of import & export, for entrepreneurs who demand solution partnership. It has also become a bridge of a global network, focusing on important sectors that direct world trade such as petrochemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals and food.

In terms of brokerage and commercial partnership, Sayareh Co. LTD. is actively at the center of your trade with the services it provides. Sayareh Co. LTD. helps you to adapt to the market quickly and take advantage of opportunities.
With the ability to create the right solutions at the right time, it is a good partner in carrying business partners to long-term success. Its goal is to create a win-win situation for the added values it provides.




Our service and goal are to provide you a profitable commercial environment with the use of our strong commercial infrastructure, as well as our long-term supplier and customer relations that we have developed in the country and world markets.



Our logistics network that covers many different trade routes according to your needs will provide you with the maximum benefit of our geographical location advantages is managing from our center in Tehran.


Support Services

In addition to the Sales Marketing, Finance and Logistics services you receive from us, it covers our additional services that you can get when you need them. We are at your side with all of our office services, establishing a company and expanding your team with the right professionals.


We are a globally active business, from trading to distribution. With its geographic location in Tehran, it is a strong ring right in the middle of the supply chain that is extending from east to west and from west to east.

Every step we take, focuses on goal, sustainability, and continuous improvement; We aim to make the path the simplest to the absolute success for our business partners who are industry leaders or targeted to be.

Every step we take, focuses on goal, sustainability, and continuous improvement; We aim to make the path the simplest to the absolute success for our business partners who are industry leaders or targeted to be.

We value open relationships and communication with our employees, business partners, suppliers and governments on the basis of integrity, collaboration, transparency, and mutual benefit.

We are a family business that values ​​personal relationships and continuity of generations. We care to be open to new ideas and to stick to traditions.


Commodities are not always produced close to where there is demand. Physical traders act as distributors, supplying clients and moving products around the world. Most of the world’s oil is produced in the Middle East, whilst most of the demand is in Asia.
The balance between supply and demand in energy and commodity products can be affected by many factors. In the longer term, demand trends are driven by economic conditions, technological advances or changes in government policy.
In the short term, weather or political unrest can affect the balance between demand and supply, and leave commodities producers, processors or distributors with too much or not enough product.
In addition to long term supply arrangements with clients – ensuring industrial clients have a steady supply of product they need to continue with the smooth day-to-day running of their operations – physical commodity trading firms seek to identify and address short term market imbalances.

Marketing is the distribution of finished products to wholesale partners or directly to end-consumers. It involves the careful transportation and storing of products, filtered and blended to ensure they meet the relevant local requirements and standards.


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